Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a little girl that always had her head in a book. If her head was not in a book she had a pad of paper in front of her and she was writing away furiously. Everyone thought that she was going to be an author. She was voted most likely to succeed.

The little girl grew up and wrote her way through high school but then slowly her life changed and she didn’t pick up her pen as often. She told people who asked if she was writing that the words just didn’t flow anymore. Life had been challenging for this little girl and reading and writing had been her escape. When good things came into her life there was less of a need for her to hide in her world of imagination.

Then the little girl who was now a women decided that she wanted to write again but she didn’t know where to begin. It had been years…. She had two wonderful children now and what seemed like no time to breath or take a moment for herself. However, she decided that to feel fulfilled she had to take that time so she started a blog. She has hope that taking a few minutes each day to just write about whatever comes to mind and share her wild and wacky adventures in motherhood will give her the motivation that she needs to start writing on a more regular basis. Perhaps just by sitting, breathing and doing it the words will start to flow again.

Let the journey begin!

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