You know that university course that I was talking about here in my 10 things to do by the end of the year (2007)? Well, I didn’t finish the two assignments. I didn’t even work on them. In all honesty I didn’t start working on them until April (and my semester is over April 30th). I had 4 assignments to write this month but with the pressure of a deadline, I’ve found myself having to multi-task this month.

Our back yard this afternoon:


Our table is a wonderful work area for myself (ah, feel the warm sunlight).


It’s also a perfect tent for the kids to rest and read in. It was quite lovely to listen to Liam reading his book (his reading is coming along quite amazingly. We’ve given up Hooked on Phonics as it was just too easy for him now). Morgaine was also "reading". It went something like this…..

"A good girl lived with some mean girls. She wanted to dance. A fairy mom-mother came. She danced and danced and danced. She married the prince and danced and danced and danced."

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