Friday Favorites- Enya, Era, Evanensance

Maybe I just have a thing for bands/singers that begin with the letter E but these are my favorites. I guess my taste of music is a bit ecclectic and a little all over the place but I listen to just about anything as long as it isn't rap/hip hop stuff. I have yet to get into that and doubt at this point if I ever will.

Here are some youtube samples of my favorites (if anyone knows the html code to use to paste the video directly (as opposed to the link) to my blog please let me know…edited because YAHOO I figured it out by myself!


Probably my favorite English language song by Enya, Flora's Secret.

Boadicea is my favorite Enya song….I listened to it A LOT when I was pregnant with Morgaine and a lot as she was preparing to come earth side. Here is a fan made video (I don't think Enya made a video for the song) that is quite peaceful and nice to watch.


The first song I heard by Era.  was addicted from this moment on. Apparently, while it sounds like the are singing in Latin it is some imaginary "language" and has more to do with the beats and music than the words. It is impossible to find any information for them on the web. Do you have any idea how many sites have "era" in them?

Another favorite. Sure sounds/looks Latin to me. If anyone know please leave me a message. Again it's another fan made video (got to love youtube!)


Just a nice slow song (that was waaaaay over played a few years ago but I didn't mind in the least). It was wanting to learn to play this song that made me start piano lessons at which has been a lot of fun and rewarding because it works. I have parts one and two well now but I haven't bought a membership to get the full instructions for the last part. Maybe someday. I've always wanted to play well.

One of my favorites (of all time)…..featuring Amy Lee (from Evanescence)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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