For only one dollar

a 100 piece puzzle and an hour of fun with my son learning about this wonderful country that we live in.


 In honour of Canada Day we’ve started exploring Canada and will spending 3 weeks for each province learning about the little things that make each place special and unique. Obviously, we are starting with Newfoundland as I want him to get an idea about where we will be living (not to mention that he is totally obsessed with Vikings at the moment so we can tie that in with the studies). We’re using the Discover Canada series that I remember from my youth but really the information is still valid and I can supplement where need be. Right now he remembers where 4 provinces are (Quebec, Ontario is right beside Quebec, then comes Manitoba and Newfoundland is the big island farthest east) and he is also quite interested in Nova Scotia (though I don’t know why he would single out that province above any of the others….not that it’s not a wonderful place and all *lol*)

We’ll keep you posted on our learning experience.

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One Response to For only one dollar

  1. Krystle Willcott says:

    I’m gonna have to send you a map of the Lower North Shore. Hey, I acuatly stepped in Newfoundland for the first time last week (all I got to see was the airport:( ). I was going for an x-ray on my back in Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon when the fog rolled in. We had to land in St.Anthonys but unfortunatly they tried Lourdes again an hour later, and got stuck in St.Augustine(next to La Tabatiere). I was in Labrador before but I wanted to see more of “the rock”. I was doing my boyfriend’s family tree and I found out that he is related to vikings.

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