Fridat Favorites-Scent of the Ocean

I’ve already said tht I was an ocean girl.

It just amazes me how our perception of things change over the years. I’m visiting my family right now who live along the St-Lawrence River. When I was 13 I moved (back) here after spend 2 years with the Atlantic Ocean in my backyard and I used to complain that the St-Lawrence just wasn’t the ocean. It wasn’t the same. However, coming back after spending a number of years living in a metropolitan area I have come to consider the St-Lawrence the ocean. Driving down the highway as we were nearing this town I began to smell the ocean and I felt at home. It was so soothing to me. Quite often I’ll be out walking and get the scent of seaweed and salt water and I just find it so pleasant.

So, yes, my dear, you were right, the ocean was right here all along!!

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