I haven’t been around much

I've been contemplating letting this blog go. I do love to write and have enjoyed sharing with you all but unfortunately we are stuck in a rut. We expected that we'd move over the summer and we haven't yet. The majority of my life is spent doing monotonous childcare/house work.  I haven't really been selling Epicure anymore and I feel like my cooking skills have gone down the drain this last little while.  We don't really have too much interesting to post about.

The blog will likely stick around (I don't know what happens to all my stuff once I stop paying. I imagine it'll go *poof*) but it is unlikely for the next little while that I will be writing in it. I've been working a lot on myself lately and that is taking up a lot of my energies and my writing has been going into journal writing and work for my eyes only.

I'll hopefully be able to come back more refreshed soon but until then, it has been fun!


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