A curly haired princess

My son does not draw. He is pencil resistant so I’ve never received a drawing from my children until today.

I wasn’t expecting much when Morgaine asked for a pencil and paper. Then she hands me this:


I’m quite impressed. It actually does look like a curly haired princess.

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2 Responses to A curly haired princess

  1. You mean you’ve never gone through the drawing on everything stage? Poor you! haha
    Actually xander wasn’t too bad he mostly just drew on paper it just wasn’t always blank paper so all my school copybooks from early childhood education have scribble on them (otherwise known as priceless works of art lol).
    Anyway beautiful picture! You are right it does look very real/appropriate.

  2. mamamanuscripts says:

    He he he, I hope you kept those books as sovenir. Mine are covered in my own scribblings. No, Liam wasn’t one to draw on walls (though he did draw on our hardwood with permanent marker once). He was more likely to run for the baking supplies (flour in a low cupboard). Morgaine has drawn on the walls and stuff but not really anything recognizable before.

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