I’ve got myself a little “Grade 1” student

I’ve officially graduated Liam from Primary (Kindergarten). As I mentioned in my last post, Nova Scotia requires us to provide an idea of what was covered over the previous year. I just wrote of a short one page overview of the year and figured I would share it here as well.



I am writing to inform you that I have graduated my son, …… (Liam) …… from Primary into grade 1 this June. This is a summary of what we have been able to accomplish in the 2008-2009 school year using a modified plan for Sonlight Core K.


Liam is reading much above grade level, devouring chapter books on his own (his favorite at the moment being The Magic Tree House series, giving him an introduction to history while satisfying his desire to read. We have started spelling quizzes on common words (Dolch sight words amongst many more) with much success. Liam is beginning to print well (it was a struggle through the first half of the year). We have read many classics together including The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Family Under the Bridge, My Father’s Dragon, A Grain of Rice and many more.


Some topics included the cavemen period, early Egyptians (extensively), Pompeii, the Medival period.

We moved from Quebec mid school year so we spent a lot time getting to know our area and the people working in the community. He has been introduces to NS history and is learning the provinces (from NL to Ontario).


We used Sonlight Core 1 Science program.

We learned about the solar system (supplimenting with George’s Secret Key to the Univse by Stephen Hawkins), the water cycle/weather, our body/senses and good nutrition, and growing plants (by actually getting out there and getting dirty). We also studied more about volcanoes when we were learning about Pompeii.


Liam is doing double digit addition, simple subtraction, counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, 10s, has been introduced to fractions, time (to the half hour) and multiplication. Much is done in workbooks (which Liam very much enjoys) but we have started using Right Start Math Level A (a bit on the easy side for him but we are using it with his younger sister as well) and we will progress to Level B early in the next school year.


We have gone on several field trips (for example Louisbourg and nature parks). In addition Liam attends an “after school” program weekly at the local library and Sunday school at our church. We do unit studies on various other topics (holidays for example), which includes crafts, cooking, and other activities.


It’s the first time I had to write anything up so I am not sure if this is what they wanted but it’s what I plan to submit. I’ll soon be posting a very brief plan for the new school year as well.

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3 Responses to I’ve got myself a little “Grade 1” student

  1. Shannon says:

    IF I WERE YOU… (grin), I’d send this to Angie first, she’s an expert at “eduspeak” and will “tweak” it to THEIR terminology, so that they can’t look down on what you are doing. I think what you’ve done is excellent.. *I* didn’t do that much with Greyson this past year… so Liam’s far ahead in that regard. I’ll be working through Core K (since I know with Sonlight the courses range several “ages”… from experience, which is why I’m doing core 5 again with my Grade 8 student this upcoming year)… and I’m hoping Chae will be able to follow along.
    Well done, Katrina!

  2. mamamanuscripts says:

    Thanks Shannon,

    I don’t THINK Nova Scotia is that picky….(though I am shocked at the number of people I “know” here who’ve had people come in because there are homeschooling….I know many MANY more Quebec homeschoolers and don’t know of anyone that had complaints be checked out in terms of homeschooling).

    I actually don’t know Angie all that well so would feel kind of funny asking her to check this out for me. She’s really lovely but I am virtually a stranger to her!

  3. mamamanuscripts says:


    Your (and Angie’s) modifications were great. I’ll be sending that one (along with a list of the books we used because I fear they will ask for more with something that brief and to the point (though I suppose they don’t want to read through a TON of stuff!) I will start speak “eduspeak” myself but only when I must!

    I must get Angie on my friend’s list. She’s such a valuable resource (as you are). No worries, friend, I am totally open to learning from more experienced homeschoolers.

    AND PHONE CALLS FROM YOU TWICE IN ONE WEEK! YAHOO!!!! (I miss you….sucks that I FINALLY have a car and you are oh, so far away….I know, I know…I’m the one who is far away, right?

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