Cape Breton Place of the Week-Cape Breton Fudge Co.

No, there will be no scenic views this week. It has been too wet. We’ve been hibernating with books, movies, blankets and FUDGE. We treated ourselves to beautiful handmade fudge from The Cape Breton Fudge Co. Yummy stuff. Wonderful staff AND they ship worldwide. I’ve tried and I’ve tried to make fudge and it just never turns out smooth and creamy like this. I feel very lucky to have such a great fudge company nearby because everyone needs a bit of fudge from time to time!


Comes in such a nice little package.


Complete with a knife for sharing.


Chocolate mint. Rocky road. Score. Cookies and Cream.

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2 Responses to Cape Breton Place of the Week-Cape Breton Fudge Co.

  1. Shannon R says:

    Okay.. this place too! WOWZERS! Maybe *I* need to move down there with you!!! Wait, I’ve just moved.. maybe that’s not such a good idea.. LOL!
    Oh well… we definately need to visit here too when I come down! LOL!

  2. mamamanuscripts says:


    We will go here too….this is the only time I’ve been (imagine) and looking at the pictures now I’m thinking I could use some fudge!!


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