On Gaurd!!




(don’t mind the dust bunnies….under the couch doesn’t always get the attention it deserves and besides they like it under there).

Our cats are all on edge. They’ve taken to hiding. They crouch in corners. I’ve even caught them trembling. Why on earth would our incredibly mellow kitties be so on edge. What could possibly phase them?

Here’s what?


Yes, we’ve done it again. We’ve let a kitty tug on our heartstrings and we’ve taken her in. She looks nice and calm, doesn’t she? She wonderful with the children and always underfoot. She a little fur ball. But goodness, does she have personality. Each one of our kitties have had the opportunity to witness her fiery side and let’s just say the fur was flying. So yeah, “Mama” (she recently had a litter of kitten, no we don’t have the kittens, IMAGINE) has the run of the house.

Sleeping on the couch….


sharing the bed with the humans.

No wonder the others are on guard. One of the reasons we got her was to be a companion to our other young kitty but right now she’s a bit more than what we bargained for! Poor, poor George! I am sure that with time she’ll mellow out and fit right in but until then, I’m sure it will be an interesting few days!

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2 Responses to On Gaurd!!

  1. Hey Katrina,We've got Zara, our little ball of fur who is a bundle of energy!! She runs around the house all the time, eats like a horse, has been sharpening her claws on anything she can, and is most active at night when we,re all trying to go to sleep. Sigh.Next week sometime I take her to the vet for her shots and to get her fixed. Our next door neighbour has 7 cats – two of them un-neutered males who have been sniffing around our place for days now. No more kittens for us please!!

  2. […] December 22, 2009 by mamamanuscripts As you know we have a soft spot for cats in need. Remember George? Remember Mama? […]

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