100 Mile Diet-Foraging

Aw yes, at the beginning of the week it seemed like the better part of the week revolved around finding, gathering, preparing and cooking food. Things seemed to come to a better balance by Friday but that being said we spent the better part of the weekend gathering and preparing food. Saturday morning found us at Hank’s Farm to get our vegetables and eggs for the week. Then there was a quick detour to the Cape Breton Farmer’s Market to get honey. This week’s grocery bill for those interested was 37 dollars for the veggies, fruits, and eggs and 15 dollars for the honey (it can be affordable, I suspect). Then, seeing as we were out, we decided to drive around for a while (Mike wanted to show me a festival going on in Port-Morien.) to see what kind of wild berries we could find. Driving along a little dirt road we finally found the elusive raspberry so we were very happy to stop and pick a little. We left Morgaine asleep in the car (we were picking right beside it). As we were getting ready to get back in she woke up and wanted to get out and explore herself. Once out she immediately screamed “APPLES!!!!!”. We’d been picking all around an apple tree and hadn’t even realized it. So we managed to get our apples as well. Then we made our way over to Whitney Pier and spent a couple hours picking some rather sparse blueberries. As we were about to leave, Liam crossed the dirt road and said “Look, look over here there are tons and TONS”. And there were!! So we spent another hour on that side of the road, wishing we’d gone there first but enjoying it just the same.

Needless to say we wouldn’t have been near as successful without the children!

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