Grapevine Studies: A Blessing for this Family

Picture 3Product: New Testament Overview Level 2 (e-book/hard copy combo)
Company: Grapevine Studies
Price: Varies depending on which format you chose. Teacher’s guide from $22.95 to $45.95. Student manual $25.95.
Special Information: Special offer included at the end of this review

First of all, I want to apologize for the delay in getting this review posted for you all. We have been so blessed by this program that I wanted to do this review justice but somehow life (and a newly growing life) kept jumping in the way of me clearly getting my feelings down about this product.

Ever since we started homeschooling, Liam favorite subject has been Bible studies. He devoured The Beginner’s Bible and I found that I often had to supply a lot more information than these really short stories provided. I’d often catch the kids talking about God and Jesus as they were going to bed at night. I was surprised at how much of an interest they’d both taken in scripture and delighted at the intellectual (for 3 and 6) conversations they’d have and the questions they’d ask each other.

This year, I knew we were going to have to go even more in depth and was looking for a Bible and Bible studies program for Liam when I receive a delightful e-mail from Dianna, principle author of Grapevine Bible studies. She was lovely to correspond with and after talking back and forth and listening to her suggestions, I decided to get the New Testament Overview (Level 2) for Liam. We got the e-book/hard copy combo. When the box finally arrived, we were delighted by the stick-figure Dianna had drawn on the packaging welcoming Liam to Grapevine studies. The kids carried the drawing around ALL day and even wanted to hang it on the wall. A big thank you to Dianna for catching the kids interest right from the very first moment!

Grapevine Studies is a complete Bible curriculum that combines scripture reading and memorization with drawing (no worries, only stick figures) as it takes you on a chronological journey through the Bible. Using a time line that you refer to each week, lessons focuses on one Bible story at a time, helping to give your child an understanding of the sequence of events in the Bible as opposed to just teaching them the stories. The teacher’s guide is very complete telling you everything you need to know to complete each lesson. Lessons include review of the time line (completed in the first couple weeks of the study), scripture readings, drawing of the events (with examples) that take place in the reading, memorization, questions for review and a review card at the end of the week. Each day is broken down into manageable sections so that you do not have to wonder about what is to be covered each day.

I was somewhat apprehensive about this program because Liam is very pencil resistant and thought that the drawing would be torture to him. However, he enthusiastically joined in and is even drawing and writing just for fun. Even the littlest one sits at the table with us while we work through our lessons. At first she was drawing princes and princesses but as the weeks progress she has started adding Jesus to her drawings and most often listens as Liam and I discuss what we have read. It’s wonderful to be able to reach both children at one time.

Grapevine Studies’ New Testament sells for $45.95US for the hard copy Level 1 and 2 edition (there’s more memorization in level 2) printed in full colour. It can be purchased for $35.95US in black and white. Note that the colours that are used in the colour version are just a guideline and you can use whatever colours you like. They also sell the e-book format of this books for $22.95US if you would prefer immediate access to the information. The student workbook (where all the stick figure drawings are done) sells for $25.95US for either the e-book or hardcopy format. Dianna from Grapevine studies has also graciously given Crew blog readers a discount of 30% if they use the code crew9 at checkout. This offer is good until September 30th so do not delay and visit Grapevine Studies today to find out more about their wonderful products.

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