What we are up to-Early December

In no particular order…

  • Lots and lots of drawing….Liam is making up a fantasy book (mostly drawings), Morgaine is obsessed with drawing princesses and knights, and I am fooling around with my early Christmas gift of professional colour pencils from Mike.
  • Gestating a wee baby BOY. 21 weeks along now and looking pregnant and feeling better.
  • Hoping to get in a couple births as a doula/labour assistant before my wee baby comes earthside.
  • Learning about Advent and trying to get back to a more natural family focused holiday with lots of crafting and baking.
  • Learning how to play keyboard (sort of) with Kinderbach (review to follow shortly).
  • Working on making the house ready for our spring time addition (we have a couple walls torn out at the minute and hope to get a bathtub put in soon).
  • Enjoying drama class. The kids had a blast during their first semester with Class Acts Drama School.
  • DESPERATELY searching for my USB wire as I have a ton of photos/post ideas ready but no way to get the pictures off my camera.
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