A Place of her Own

Ever since she’s been born Morgaine has shared a room/bed with someone. As an infant she snuggled in close to Mommy and Daddy and then when she got too big for that, she and Mommy got a room together in the basement where it was cooler. Then, when Mommy had enough of that, Morgaine moved into Liam’s bed with him. When we moved to Cape Breton, the room was big enough to have two beds. So she finally had a bed of her own and did really well with it. Liam and Morgaine have very different sleeping styles, though. Liam likes it dark and quiet. Morgaine likes the light on and to sing herself to sleep. Even though there’s not a lot of extra room in out house we decided to give Morgaine a place of her own. Daddy cleared out the storage room and Mommy painted (pink, of course!).

Morgaine loves her new room…..

BUT somehow by early morning they usually end up with each other (sometimes in Liam’s bed, and sometimes in Morgaine’s) and their favorite things to do is to “camp out” in Liam’s room on the floor!

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One Response to A Place of her Own

  1. Laura says:

    hi Katrina,LOVE the room you made up for Morgaine!!! Very cute story too :)Laura

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