Opps, We’ve Done it Again….Maybe

As you know we have a soft spot for cats in need. Remember George? Remember Mama?

Well, here is the newest addition.

Mike showed up on the doorstep at noon with this kitty in his arms and I couldn’t turn them away. One of his elderly clients had been feeding this cat outside for a while but noticed that it was getting more and more matted signaling that she no longer had an owner. Of course, kind hearted Mike decided we could take her in for now. Hey, what’s one more cat when you already have four, right?

Anyways, it is our intention that she be a short term boarder until we find a suitable home for her so if any of you wonderful kindhearted Capers out there would like a kitty we do have one available. She seems to really, really patient and affectionate. I think she would be good with the other kitties but right now we do have her separated from the rest of the gang. She has a couple little sores from being outside fending for herself for a while but they look like they will heal well with a bit of time.

Certainly feel free to let us know if you or someone you know would like to open your home to her. Until then, we are the proud (crazy?) owners of FIVE cats!!

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