24 Weeks-Growing, Growing, Growing….

One day early last week, I spent the night awake because I could not be comfortable because of round ligament pain. Every movement hurt as everything stretched and grew…..really, REALLY grew!!

I’m very, very suddenly looking like I am closer to 37 weeks than 24! I feel absolutely humongous! I don’t make my babies small but this is ridiculous. Not only am I looking really pregnant, but I am feeling really pregnant. Breathing and eating have already become difficult and sleeping has definitely become interesting with my nest of pillows. I’m thinking I will have to find a bed of my own soon as more and more pillows make their way into the bed! Poor Mike!

We are still waiting for confirmation on whether or not I will be able to use a midwife for the remainder of the pregnancy. Two midwives are required to attend a home birth and the second midwife is due to be away around my due date so they are unsure as to whether or not they’ll still be able to take me. I am also not in their jurisdiction and they have not been taking client from “away” since the new regulations have come into place. I should hear back from them on the 11th of January with news on whether of not they think they can help me out. As of now, my appointment in their area has been put on hold.

Only time will tell….

I continue to feel pretty good but am ready to have a “final” plan in place as to the birth…

I will let you know more as soon as I know!

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