Fit Mama Friday-Week 2

Well, we are two weeks into this challenge and things are going well. I’ve had a salad at least once a day, and usually twice a day. I am involved in a little bit of an at home science experience to see if eating a lower carb (especially white refined carbs) diet will grow a smaller baby. I generally make pretty big babies (thing coming out going on 2 or 3 months instead of new) so I wanted to try modifying my diet some to see if I can actually grow a newborn sized baby! Eating lots and lots of salad is helpful and I’ve been having wonderful servings of beans/lentils/chickpeas (nice stuff and thankfully the “discomfort” they were causing earlier in the pregnancy has passed).

As for my other goals….

I did do well without soda all week, though, I did give in and get some when I was out today (yes, I know refined sugar…..and so much other junk). I’m sure that I’ll be able to cut it out by the end of the month. I get bored of plain water, though, so I’d be open to suggestions (no, I don’t particularly like lemon water either).

I got out walking a couple times this week. On Sunday, it set off a TON of painful braxton hicks but the rest of the week things were less intense. The kids and I played out in the yard yesterday as well. I would like to maybe start some kind of yoga practice in the next week because a lot of the regular aches and pains of the third trimester are starting to kick in now. So maybe that can be my fitness goal for next week.

I guess that is about it for now!

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2 Responses to Fit Mama Friday-Week 2

  1. Annie Kate says:

    Wow, you've got a lot of things going on at once. Go slow on the exercising, though. You don't want that baby to come too soon!BlessingsAnnie Kate

  2. Heather says:

    It sounds like you are making some great choices! I hope u can find an appropriate yoga. Good Luck!

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