New Thru 30

For those of you who joined in reading the New Testament in 30 days, how is it going? I’ve made it through Matthew and I am only missing one chapter in Acts (Matthew and Acts should have been read in week one). Reading is going well and the chunks of material per day is not too heavy. I’ve been reading Acts in bed before sleeping and unfortunately starting to doze as I read so I will have to modify my reading schedule this week to do the reading in the morning instead.

I’ve had a look though the study guide included over at New Thru 30 and it isn’t terribly complete (in my opinion). So I’ve decided to get through on my own. I will look around and see what else I can find online. Liam’s Grapevine Studies Level 2 is actually giving me a pretty good opportunity to study the Bible but it is rather slow moving in comparison to this 30 day challenge!

How is it going? Do you know of a good resource for Bible study questions online? Let me know!

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