There’s Something Going on in my House (or at Least on My Blog)

To find out more about how this works, please visit MckMama and her gang over at My Charming Kids (specifically here to find out what on earth I could possibly be doing on my blog). As a mother, I wouldn’t dare confess to some of the madness in my household, or would I?

I did not bail on Menu Plan Monday to bring you this feature. No, not me!

I did not indulge in not one, but TWO, large pieces of super sweet store bought birthday cake as part of a nutritious breakfast (which also might have included scrambled eggs and bacon). No, not me!

I am not longing for a bathtub even while my heart is heavy for those that lost all in Haiti. No, no me!

I did not allow Morgaine to take out her stuffed animals from storage on the condition that it was ONLY to choose some to donate but then allow them to hang out for over a day on the living room couch. No, Not me!

I did not decide that a nice, long, hot shower was much more important than cooking supper. No, not me!

I did not leave my coffee cup (half full) on the living room table knowing full well what was going to happen to it while I took above mentioned shower. No, not me!

I did not hunt for my camera, instead of wiping up coffee before it seeped into my hardwood floor, after my shower! No, not me!

I did not just realize as I looked over at my daughter that I STILL haven’t wiped up the coffee. No, not me!

What did you not do this week?

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