Sweet Liam’s Birth Story

Well, I posted Morgaine’s birth story and said that I would post Liam’s as well but then the computer died. It’s a little late coming but here is Liam’s birthing center birth story (I cannot believe that this wee boy is going on SEVEN!!)

I’d gone into the birthing center to have a herbal
induction as I was 41 weeks 5 days and the birthing center could not
have me as a client past 42 weeks and there was no way I was going
to have a hospital birth. I chose the lovely pink room though I knew
I was having a precious baby boy and I started taking the required
herbs to get things going. Unfortunately things didn’t really get
going and I was about ready to head for home at noon. The midwifery
student who I’d been close to during my pregnancy asked me to stay
for lunch then recommended that I lay down and have a rest and she’d
drive me home after her 1 o’clock meeting. I decided that sounded
like a plan as the bus ride home didn’t appeal too much to me being
HUGE and very VERY pregnant.

I went to lay down in my bed and POP, SPLASH my waters opened (like
REALLY opened) and I knew the fun was about to begin!! I waddled out
to the kitchen with a towel between my legs and found the first
person I could (hoping and praying she was a midwife, or an aide
natale NOT some other clients family member). “Um, I think my waters
have broken,” (there’s was no mistaking it) “could you maybe, umm,
get my midwife?” So out of their meeting come my midwives to
announce that indeed by waters had opened and to compliment of the
HUGE amount of waters I had. I was slightly mortified, but only
slightly. Mike had brought my “hospital…umm, birth center” bag to
work with him that morning so I waddled around my bedroom semi
(mostly, actually) nude while the aide natale washed and dried my
clothes. It was a nice chill time. I read some Mothering magazine….did
some needle point.

At about 3:30 I decided that I should call Mike and let him know
that we’d indeed be having a baby in the forseable future. He said
he’d finish up and be on his way. I don’t remember what I did
between that time and the time he showed up (which was like 7ish)
bearing gifts (well, McDonald sundaes…which I couldn’t bring
myself to eat even a couple days AFTER Liam was born). I imagine I
chatting with the midwives and undoubtly did MORE needle point.

So yeah, I decided that I wanted a green salad for supper (which the
aide natal promptly whipped up for me to take one look at it and
decide I didn’t want it). This brings us to nearing 8pm and the
park. Mike and I decided to get one last walk as a couple sans
children and we spend quite a bit of time befriending a stray cat
that looked to be living behind the birthing center). Then we went
to the park and swung, and swung and swung. By this point I was
beginning to get little contractions but nothing too alarming.
Nothing near the preterm contractions I’d gotten thoughout the
pregnancy. However, knowing that the real deal was emminent we
decided to hear back to the birthing center.

10 pm found me pacing back and forth, back and forth in the kitchen
and prowling around the dining room (probably making the midwives
very nervous *lol*). I finally walked up to Sinclair and said, “Can
I have a hug? I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but can I have a
hug?” She took me in her arms and said, “There is nothing wrong with
you. You are just like a Mama cat looking for a place to have her
kittens.” With that I proudly went to announce to Mike (who was
trying to rest) that I was “just like a Mama cat.” I tried to lay
down with him but that wasn’t so relaxing. I bounced around on the
birthing ball with him talking to me and then tried to rest some
more. Around midnight Sinclair came in to tell me she was off (off
to England to see her father who was turning I think 80…she had an
early flight but wanted to stay with me as long as possible as my
main midwife was out of town as well and I was going to be with a
midwife I hadn’t really met). They checked me at the point and I was
at something quite rediculous like 2cm (which is what I was at at
like 28-30 weeks).

They left us alone again and I bounced around on the ball some more
and tried to sleep in between (yeah, right). At 3am, I’d had enough
and really wanted a female presence so Mike ran to fetch the student
midwife. She made us a lovely cup of Chamomille tea and pour me a
bath and lit some candles. We all went into the none to big
bathroom. I was feeling somewhat watched so Mike shooed her away
again (poor woman). I didn’t spent a lot of time in the water as I
was having a lot of back pain and I couldn’t get into a position
that was more comfortable.

By 3ish I was feeling quite nauseous and the midwife came in to give
me some Nux Vomica (because seriously my only fear about birth was
that I was going to puke, SERIOUSLY *lol*). At about that point I
started bearing down at the end of the contractions and my midwife
asked “Are you pushing?” and I was was was like “No”—-bearing down-
— “I’m not pushing” and she was like “You are soooooooo pushing”.
So I was checked and found to be 8-9ish.

Unfortunately I stayed at 8-9ish for a loooooooooooong time (the
whole time having urge and involuntarly pushing). The sun came up,
the birds started singing, the center started coming to life but
still I didn’t progress. Finally at 9am the midwife decided that she
was going to hold back that little lip of cervix while I pushed that
baby on past it (it was nearing the time where they “have to” worry
about getting the baby out as my waters had been open near 24 hours.
This was torture, it was painful and totally unpleasant and I don’t
recommend any of you to EVER have this done. Then to make matters
worst after they finish and I was laying flat on my back with both
my legs held waaay back they yelled at me to push. I completely
COMPLETELY flipped out!! Mike shooed every from the room VERY
quickly. I jumped up and started pacing around like a mad women
(what the h*** were they trying to make me do?). I found a nice
comfy stop on the toilet where I pushed ever so slowly for the next
two hours. The student midwife (who I love love LOVE) was awesome.
She was very encouraging. When it was near the end the other
midwives came into the room as well and I moved out of my bathroom
and sat on a birthing stool. 30 minutes later out popped a beautiful
and healthy 8 pound 2 ounces baby boy.

Unfortunately, I bleed and the right after his birth is a bit of
blurred still (though it wasn’t a severe hemmorhage like it was in
Morgaine’s instance). It was really traumatic for me and I felt a
little battle weary after. Nice thing though was by 2pm I was
sitting up eating meat lasagna (yes, dying for meat and I was soooo
on a very limited meat diet at that time). We all cuddled down in
bed together until 7pm when we then started making the calls to let
the world know about our newest (okay, new arrival..as he was our

The new family almost 7 years ago….home from the birthing center and introducing Liam to the family.

Liam today….loving his little sister.

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