As we haven’t kept up with Liam’s Blog I’ve decided to let Liam “guest” blog on my website. He still loves lego and wanted to tell you about his creations! I oversaw his spelling when he was writing too quickly but didn’t really have him fix a lot so you could see how his spelling is improving (funny, how he can spell the bigger words no problem but has trouble with some smaller words). Enjoy!


Hi, I am Liam. I’ve got lots of legos and lots of creations too.

My sisters name is Morgaine and shes waring her blue dress.

Some of my creations are a town, a speed car, a skiing flying car, even a realy funny thing I have no idea what to call, a plane that only fits 2 pepole (with 2 or 3 k’nex peices), a floting truck with 4 homing missiles.

I hope you like the picthures.

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2 Responses to

  1. Sheri says:

    My son loves your pictures. Legos are great!

  2. Merit K says:

    Great blog post Liam – love the legos!

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