Baby Belly-35 weeks!!

WOW!! There really isn’t all THAT long to go now!! Things are pretty much the same ol’, same ol’ over here. If you’ve been reading my Fit Mama Friday posts you’ve pretty much gotten your update on the pregnancy! I’ve been able to see a naturopath a few times and getting some body work done has been wonderful. She’s also used some acupuncture and we’ve looked into homeopathy so I feel very well taken care of! We’ll be heading to Bridgewater in a couple weeks, though our chances of having a home birth with the midwives is pretty slim (due to scheduling and risk factors). We’ve decided to go for it regardless because we think it will be nice just to get away from the house, renovations and all that jazz in the weeks before the birth. We’ll be able to focus on the little family!

No complaints from me. Enjoying the last few weeks but looking forward to meeting the little one as well!

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