Decisions, Decisions-Cloth Diapers

Well, we will most certainly be cloth diapering this little one when he comes earth-side. I’ve been waiting for it for ages if you recall here, here and here . However, we haven’t decided that if the first thing to touch his sweet baby bum with be cloth or if we’ll do the disposables for the first couple of days. I actually went out and bought some organic, non dyed/scented disposables but as I was braiding up some umbilical ties…..

I got thinking….

I don’t really want icky plastic touching his cord/belly, I’m making up some lovely cloth for myself for post-partum so really does it make sense to put him in a disposable? With Liam we were totally unprepared for meconium. We put him a cute little outfit and then he blew up and there was poo (okay, roofing tar…how come no one told me about that?) EVERYWHERE. Without question we threw diaper, outfit and baby (wait, not baby) in the trash! With Morgaine we were better prepared….disposable and older clothes but she passed meconium before birth and then as soon at she was born so we didn’t have to worry about the clean up. We don’t have all that many prefolds/inserts and I don’t know if I want to sacrifice them to baby’s first bowel movement and I am not sure that there is anyways to get that stuff out satisfactorily.

So I’m asking my cloth diapering Mamas, did you use cloth right from the beginning or did your baby experience disposables for a couple days first? If you used cloth did you try to clean them off or did you just toss the works?

(and yes, I’m a Mum, and this isn’t likely to be the last post about poo on my blog!)

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3 Responses to Decisions, Decisions-Cloth Diapers

  1. Sarah says:

    No worries, it comes right out. Much easier than yellowy poo.

  2. christiane says:

    I used cloth diapers for Mike . I did not use it, but i know that there is an insert(style fine net, the size of a baby towel) to collect the poo, this way it is easier to clean the diaper. Very important to rince many times the diaper to remove the acidity of the urine. Of course you have to change the diaper as soon it gets wet, to prevent rashes. Good luck and thanks for the effort to save the environment….When the sleep all night, I prefered the commercial diapers, because they stay dry longer.

    Kisses, all my affection, Christiane

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