38 and a half weeks-Belly Photo

There you have it! 38 and a half weeks now and still waiting around, like expected. I saw the midwife on Tuesday and the baby is very, very low right now (explains why it has gotten significantly more difficult to enjoy walking around). I’m measuring “small” because baby is engaged. Even though it’s my third and this doesn’t usually happen until labour I like to break the “rules” so it could still be a couple weeks, yet.

I woke up with some really strong contractions on Wednesday early morning topped with severe nausea and was expecting that I was going places so I took a little check and my cervix is doing pretty much nothing. Note to self: keep hands far away from cervix as it is just disappointing! I feel so early labourish that I can’t really imagine feeling this way for another couple weeks but that could be the case so I am trying to stay busy and somewhat active. We’ve all managed to come down with chest colds so really, it would be best if the baby were to hold off for a little while, yet, and will neither be coughed out or coughed on by his loving siblings!!

Internet (therefor telephone as we are using Skype) is very temperamental here and very intermittent and that makes me a little antsy. For those that are following me on facebook there will be a really obvious update when I am in actual labour (if I get on the computer at all). Something along the lines of “we’ll meet the baby very soon.” or “having a baby”, etc…..anything else is just my not quite ready to have a baby ramblings!

We’ll keep you updated!

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One Response to 38 and a half weeks-Belly Photo

  1. Shannon says:

    Woohoooooooo… gosh goodness Katrina, I was on a site today trying to find out how much the cheapest air fare is for just me to come visit you later this month… I can’t believe I’m going to miss all the new baby stuff with you.. no fun!

    Praying for a safe, fast, easy, painless (okay, I said praying!!!) delivery.


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