Friday’s Fave 5-May 21st

Join me at Living to Tell the Story as we share 5 highlights from our week. What were YOUR favorite things this week?

1. Surviving my first outing with the 3 children alone
. While visiting in Sydney, Mike was invited to stay in town for a seminar so the children and I were left on our own for 3 hours and we survived to tell the tale. Supper out, a walk along the one of the main streets sight seeing and then reading together in the children section of the library. I was quite impressed with how easy it was.

2. FINALLY receiving Holistic Midwifery: Vol 1 in the mail this morning. I’ve already sat down and taken a good look over it BUT I cannot wait for some time to really devour it. I am a CRAZY lady that absolutely LOVES textbooks so I could not be happier.

3. Celebrating Liam’s 7th Birthday on Sunday. Liam is turning out to be a fine young boy and I cannot believe that he is already 7 years old. Time has flown by.

4. Having the chance to see several of my friends. I still don’t have a lot of friends that are local so having the chance to see several of my friends all in the same week was lovely. Running into a doula friend of mine was an added unexpected treat. I look forward to meeting up with these lovely ladies again in the next future.

5. Being able to freecycle/donate some of our old stuff and receiving some “new to us” stuff.
I dislike waste so I’m happy that we were able to pass on some of the things that the children no longer needed and even get rid of a couple pieces of furniture that were just taking up space. I was also happy to receive clothing for all three children and the loan of a seat for Ruadhan. I really do have some wonderful friends!

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