A Budding Chef….

Liam has been begging me for months and months to open a cafe at our house. I told him that running a cafe would be lots and lots of work and having a baby around while setting up a cafe and serving customers would be hard (to which Liam replied, “We could keep the baby upstairs when there are people here, Mum”) However, he has continued to ask about opening a restaurant and talking about how he is going to be a chef maybe when he is 8. As a result, I’ve decided to let the child open up his own restaurant and feed the family (hey, that’s what homeschooling is about, isn’t it?)

Yesterday was the official launch of Liam’s Delisio Restaurant. Liam chose what he would like to prepare and wrote out his grocery list. He chose the produce he needed from the market and then did the majority of the food preparation himself while following the recipe. He worked well, and mostly stayed on task, to prepare us a lovely family meal.

Liam’s Meatball Fusilli with Vegetables

The verdict:
The meal was DELICIOUS, but Liam wants to try it a couple more times before he thinks it would be good enough to write down on his menu! Liam plans to write on his blog about his restaurant just as soon as he finishes his math work so be sure to check in tonight to see what he has to say.

Liam plans on attending culinary school when he is “10 or maybe 12” so I am sure that there will be many a yummy meal in our future!

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