Friday Fav 5-May 28th

It’s been a busy week here so it is time to slow down and look back on my favorite moments. Be sure to visit Living to Tell the Story to share your favorites from the past week.

1. Children who enjoy long car rides.
We decided to take a spur of the moment trip to PEI for Victoria Day long weekend. The children all behaved really nicely in the car. Liam devoured a couple chapter books. Morgaine was full of imagination. Ruadhán slept, as always.
2. Enjoying a game of mini-golf at a beautiful PEI golf course. As a child I couldn’t stand mini putt but I’ve found that bringing my own children is MUCH more enjoyable.

3. Taking out a bunch of books on gardening from the local library.
I’ve been loving reading about various herbs and vegetables that I plan to grow in the above ground gardens Mike is preparing for me. I’m hoping for more success than last year!

4. Finishing up my last review for the year as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I’ll be continuing on the voyage next year as a first mate on the Crew’s third voyage but I am looking for to the month long break I’ll have before the new year starts up again in July.

5. Taking the time to reread a book that was given to me at a time pf great change and the reminder that there are times when I still need space. This sentiment rang very true to me when the book was first given to me and is still important for me to remember today:

I needed “space”-distance from all the was pressing in on me. I needed a penetrating quiet inside, and I needed to hold that silence up to me ears, like an empty shell, and listen to the roar of my own life.”

-Gregg Levoy

I need the reminder to slow down and be myself. To listen or what it is I really want or need. This week was the perfect time for that reminder.

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