Introducing my TOS Homeschool Crew Mini-Crew

I was honoured to be selected this spring to come back for a second term on the TOS Homeschool Crew. As a proud first mate (just a fancy term for someone that is returning for a second or third consecutive voyage) we’ve been assigned several other new crew members in order to make their early days on the voyage as calm as possible. I’ve had a great time getting to know my mini crew through e-mails and their blogs and I am looking forward to introducing them to you all.

I give you, The Virtuous Vessels: Carrying you Towards Quality Homeschooling Products!

First up we have Holli-Marie at Taylor’s Mark Orthodox Academy. I’ve enjoyed visiting her blog and reading about the different activities her 4 lovely children are involved in. She certainly keeps herself busy!

Next is Lisa over at Homeschool Circus (don’t you love that name?). She is also the Mama of 4 children. I’ve enjoyed her blog and am hoping to implement the chore chart and allowance guidelines she uses in her house with my own children. Thank you!

Then we have Sweetie over at Life in the Tribe. This Mama of 7 seems to always have time to write on her blog! I’m enjoying her writing style and her photos.

Finally, we have Tea and Tomes (two of my favorite things!). This Mama of of 4 shares the ABCs of parenting in her About Teas and Tomes section of her blog and I have to agree with her, the ABCs are never boring! Go check them out for yourself!

I look forward to getting to know these wonderful women more and more over the year and I hope that you will visit their blogs from time to time to read up on the products that we will have the priveledge of reviewing for you this year.

Bonne Voyage, my friends, we are ready to set sail!

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One Response to Introducing my TOS Homeschool Crew Mini-Crew

  1. Ring Leader says:

    Thanks for the wonderful intro Katrina! I look forward to sailing with you too 🙂

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