…or Rather I Almost Moved

or maybe I’ve halfway moved. I’ve tried, I’ve really, REALLY tried to fall in love with blogger. I’ve fooled around with the appearance of my blog over there for HOURS each evening but when I started dreaming about my blog and then loosing sleep over it, I decided that something had to give. I hopped back over here last night just to reminise about the past and noticed this gorgeous theme that screams KATRINA to me. Not knowing what to do, I went to bed. The hours I’d put into the blogger blog to end up with a finished product that I wasn’t happy with bothered me but at the same time there were some features that I appreciated that do not function over here (it’s so much easier to follow blogs for example and there’s a HUGE number of widgets to choose from). Then it came to me, the WORDPRESS blog (this one) is screaming Katrina, why don’t I use it for MYSELF? I love homeschooling, reviewing, and updating friends and family about the kids but really, that stuff has never really, REALLY been posted for ME. I didn’t go off on tangents (too much).

So from here on out, my plan is to use this blog for myself. To explore my views. To write about my passions and very likely sometimes to just write (as that was truly the original plan behind Mama Manuscripts…but it morph into a “day in the life of” blog rather quickly)

My reviews and family updates willl be on my Blogger blog. http://mamamanuscriptsplace.blogspot.com My weekly crafting Meme will be there as well (as my main reason for moving was to have a pretty Mr. Linky).

There will likely be just words on this blog from now on. I will, at least for the first while, post an informational post once a week with links to everything I post on my blogger site (as that page is not showing on search engines because THIS one is instead and I want as many people as possibly to see my reviews for the TOS Homeschool Crew. I’m anticipating that MOST of my readers will find themselves more at home over at Blogger so I encourage you to follow me there first and formost.

Thank you all for giving me several great years on WordPress and I look forward to sharing more on Blogger (and here for those that are interested in my ramblings…though I have no idea where they will lead *lol*)

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One Response to …or Rather I Almost Moved

  1. I have to admit, I’m not crazy about Blogger, but WordPress is great. Welcome aboard!

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