1 o’clock musings…

What keeps you up at night?

It takes me until the wee hours of the morning to clear the cobwebs out of my head so a lot of things keep me awake at night. I am a child of the moon, and it’s cycles effect me greatly. I spend a lot of time thinking about women and society. I ponder feminism and it’s implications. I alternate between feeling that we’ve come so far and feelings that life was much simpler over 100 years ago. I wonder what it would be like if we all trusted our bodies more, listened to our intuition and contemplated the moon. What if we obeyed the ebb and flow our our own tides and rested when we needed to and took time to ourselves to be creative, or just be, when we needed to. What changes would there be in the world. Great, monumental changes, I expect. Then, because I haven’t taken my time for myself and can no longer sleeo, I get up and study, or read, or sometimes I clean the kitchen (this task is soothing to me especially done under the cover of darkness is a quiet house. Then I go back to bed and vow that I will change things, taking time in my day. I ask for guidance and wisdom and am finally able to fall asleep to be awoken by my infant or a 5 year old who needs a glass of water…..

…..the other things that keep me up at night!

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2 Responses to 1 o’clock musings…

  1. Isabella says:

    Strangely enough, the full moon last night kept me up. I like being named Bella, more because lately I do feel like a vampire: I do not feel the pain, I do not feel a thing when I drop my coffee on me at the office, I do not feel the cold nor the warm, I burn when I take too much sun and yes, I do not sleep when the moon is full.
    What keeps me up all night is when I stop living the moment and rehearse in my head things I could have done differently, only to realize they can not be redone. ever. Then I comtemplate the moon one last time and take a moment to rest.

    However, I must admit I do not clean the kitchen, partly because I made sure to do it before the night starts. One less thing to worry about…


    • mamamanuscripts says:

      My lovely Bella,

      One too many Twilight book, perhaps? I do understand what you are saying, though. The moon greatly effects me as well and I was awake all last night musing over all kinds of things. I try not to get into the “what ifs” anymore for things that have happened in the past. I tend to think more globally for the most part these days, but admit I do get into the “what have I done?” when I think about my children from time to time if its a particularly challenging time (like now).

      I’ve edited my post a little since you replied….there’s something I find soothing about cleaning alone…..the house stays cleaner longer and I can appreciate what I’ve done so a little bit of tidying at 2am doesn’t bother me so much!

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