A Note About Plinky

I know I need not make apologies, but I wanted to point out that when I answer the questions from Plinky I am doing so on their website usually with two children playing beside me and another attached to my breast. The general idea is to get my ideas about the topic down and then edit for clarity, sentence structure and quality on my blog. Unfortunately, Facebook grabs my posts as soon as they are published now (and Plinky posts directly to my blog) so things get published before I’ve taken the time to edit them. You’d be better off giving me 24 hours to edit my messages before reading them. Actually, you’d be best served if I just edited my posts in Plinky but I don’t see myself writing anything of quality until the wee hours of the morning, when my brain actually functions and the house is quiet. However, at that time I’m supposed to be sleeping so while editing is an option, writing out whole blog posts is not.

So, as this is what kept me awake last night, I am informing you that my fresh off the press posts are NOT my best so if you are jumping on to read my replies to Plinky posts right away don’t expect anything polished. I’m Queen of Typos and my head tends to be fasted than my fingers so please bare with me. If things don’t make sense then check back after 2am and things might be clearer then. I also don’t control the topics/questions that Plinky shoots out to me and plan on answering them each day regardless. If a topic comes up that you find offensive don’t read it. If you don’t agree with my views, then that is fine, I love a debate but don’t attack me. This is an experiment to keep me writing, mostly for my own benefit, so while I share there is no real motive besides the fact that it gets me to write something every day.

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