I'm no Prophet

Well now, I don't roll my eyes and I am certainly not a prophet so I cannot describe a dream that was prophetic in nature. The last I heard, I haven't been selected to receive divine information from God, Gaea, or anyone else for that matter. My dreams don't come true (thank goodness or there'd be a lot of people covered in pumpkin pie or turkey bits). The closest I've come is dreaming that one of my children are sick and wake up to find that one is running to the washroom to be ill. Probable the rumbly in my tummy before bed has more to do with that, and if my kids were ill every time I dreamed about them puking they'd never be well….yes, pleasant dreams I have.

Now, deja vu, I have ALL THE TIME and I like to take that as a little sign that all is going exactly as planned and that is good enough for me. Prophetic dreams would take the fun out of things, wouldn't they? However, I suppose dreams are a gateway to our deepest desires and fears so it might actually do good to heed them and make them prophetic in hind sight. I dream of living in a house in the middle of the forest all by myself. Perhaps it would do good to take a hike along a stream or even spend a couple hours by myself. If I do that, it doesn't mean that I'm psychic, it means that I'm listening to what's being said and that's the best one can do.

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