Calming the Chaos: Books

We love books, we have an abundance of books. We had bins of Mike’s favorites any my favorites from childhood. Then with homeschooling and all the various courses we’ve taken over the years we’ve been accumulating more and more books. Bins and bins of books. Unfortunately, because they were inaccessible, they were not being used as much as they could have been and we spent much too much time digging through bins looking for what we needed.

Thankfully, my sweet man decided that it was time for some book shelves. But before there was order, there was even more chaos! In order to have room for the new shelves we had to empty a tall storage unit that wasn’t particularly organized. Then seeing as we has stuff all over the livingroom alread we decided to find homes for ALL our things that didn’t have a place of their own.

It wasn’t pretty!

I took over a week to get through everything but we mostly have things looking the way that we would like right now. We have two newly built bookcases that house most of our novels, textbooks, homeschooling materials, and boardgames. Each shelf is mostly ordered by topic so that everyone knows where they need to be looking.

My favorite has to be the homeschooling closet, though. We’d originally had a shelf dedicated to the homeschooling books that we use on a daily/weekly basis but my children aren’t always terrible careful and I found myself cringing when they’d try to stuff their books back on the shelf and the corner of the cover would bend. As a book lover, I really love my books to stay really nice, and it was causing pain noticing the damage that was being inflicted on our books each day. So when Morgaine brought me out a closet organizer that we had at our old house I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. We’d managed to free up one of the two closets in the house and it happened to be in our homeschooling room so that it was perfect for my plan.

These are the books that we use on a weekly/daily basis (theoretically) all organized one topic per section. The books are easily piled and aren’t getting damaged with use. It’s pretty much my dream come through. Now if only we were organized enough with our homeschooling to actually get to each subject each week!

I guess it will all be ready when we start fresh in September!

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One Response to Calming the Chaos: Books

  1. Lisa says:

    Awesome Job! Looks great!

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