A Gardening Update

After a rocky start, my garden has finally started producing for us. We’ve had decent success with pretty much everything that we’ve grown this year. We did loose our corn but I wasn’t expecting that to amount to anything. Our chard didn’t quite survive it’s encounter with fungus (or something) though it is still trying to come back . The lettuce was not terribly successful as we’ve come to realize that earwigs love it as much as we do. I’m not sure that we’d plant it again next year. We got our money’s worth but that’s about it.

Each morning we are able to go out and harvest green beens, cucumbers, zucchini, herbs…

and finally tomatoes fresh from the vine.

Here are a just a few we rescued after Earl.

We also have red cabbage that is ready to be picked and onions, too (they taste so good but we didn’t get as many as I anticipated (I know very little about gardening and thought we were going to get bunches of onions). One batch of carrots look great, a bunch in another box didn’t grow at all. We are enjoying our leeks very much and are hoping for beets (though if what I pulled today is any indication then we are going to be VERY disappointed). We have peppers galore just getting a wee bit bigger. Spinach was most definitely worth it, though we would plant less next year. I would say it has been a pretty successful garden and if it grows as well next year then we will have made back our money and more with the start up costs we had this year.

MUCH better than last year and that is all we could have hoped for.

How are your gardens doing? Are you enjoying your produce? Let me know!

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One Response to A Gardening Update

  1. Cindy says:

    Great garden finds. I have to get out in mine today I notice after the storm everything is laying sideways.

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