Friday’s Fav Five-Sept 17th

1. Hanging out at home. The weather has been particularly dreadful here but I’ve enjoyed wrapping myself up in my husbands wool sweaters and hanging out at home. There’s something cozy about rainy days that I quite enjoy.

2. Homemade Fruit Ketchup. This has to be one of my favorite foods and I am always surprised when more people don’t know of it. I guess it is one of the joys that comes with marrying a French Canadian. Check out the recipe for yourself. Yummy!

3. Going out for coffee with Mike. The silence was almost eerie as was a so used to having the two older kids talking at a mile a minute. The comfortable companionship was nice and I look forward to our weekly coffee outings while the kid’s are at drama.

4. These cards made by Mike. They will have a post of their own in the near future but until then here’s a little sneak peak.

5. Starting up my weekly crafting meme again. With the cold weather setting in, I’m enjoying getting back to knitting and seeing what everyone else it up to. I hope that my Stitching, Sketching, Scrapping Sundays meme will take off but I enjoy even the few links I get weekly. Feel free to join up if you something get the crafty itch.

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6 Responses to Friday’s Fav Five-Sept 17th

  1. Jerri says:

    I love to hang out at home, too. I wish I could do more of it…

    I never heard of fruit ketchup, either!

    The cards made by Mike are to teach penmanship? calligraphy? (Both seem to be lost arts …)

  2. Cindy says:

    Fruit ketchup is new for me. I’ll be checking it out.

    I have read almost everyone’s blogs… late, later than I usually do but I feel we are all so close weather related that is, who knows maybe we are all close.

    This cards, I’ll watch for upcoming. Meme, crafts, crafting time time time to craft.. make it.

  3. Ellen says:

    Well you’ve found someone else who has never heard of fruit ketchup! I’ll have to check out the recipe :0)
    Glad you had some quiet time with Mike…

  4. Susanne says:

    This Canadian girl has never heard of fruit ketchup but the recipe looks delicious. I might give it a try with my tomatoes if they ever turn red.

    It’s rainy and cold here too. Weekly coffee dates are a wonderful thing! :v)

  5. Bella says:

    Fruit Ketchup is the best thing, no THE VERY BEST thing in the whole universe!!!! and what’s better than eating Fruit Ketchup is the smell of fruit ketchup simmering all day inthe kitchen… 😉 I do a huge batch once every 2 years, it gives me about 55 jars. 1 jar every second week. so yes, this year is the year I don’t need to make any. Good thing b/c I am too busy right now.

    BTW Fruit ketchup making takes about entire day. I did not look at your recipe Katrina, the traditionnal one in my family has pears, peaches, apples, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, a mix of special spices, celery, and I think that’s pretty much it.

  6. Willow says:

    I’ve never heard of fruti ketchup either!

    Those cards are interesting–‘someone’ must be learning to write cursive letters. 🙂 says the teacher, of course.

    Have a great weekend!

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