Stitching, Sketching, Scrapping Sundays-September 26th

I hope that you have all had a wonderful week.

The weather has been absolutely perfect for crafting again here. At the beginning of the month I quite enjoyed the cooler wet weather but right now we actually all have a bit of cabin fever so crafting has been especially hard. Between the fighting and trying to keep the kids occupied there hasn’t been a lot of time to sit and relax. Throw in a teething feverish baby during the evenings and not much gets done. I’m sure you’ve all had weeks like this! It will do us all some good when the sun finally breaks through the clouds!

I did manage to get my shalom cardigan started. Unfortunately, the pattern was made for a teeny tiny woman and not a big boned east coaster. I’m not sure how well it is going to fit in the end. It most certainly will NOT be something that will keep me warm but still, it have been fun to knit and if it really doesn’t fit then it can either wait for Morgaine to grow or be gifted to some lovely teenager in my life. We shall see.

Here it is so far…

It really is an easy knit so I hope to have a finished product for you next week.

Please check in and let us know what you have been doing this week!

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3 Responses to Stitching, Sketching, Scrapping Sundays-September 26th

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  2. A lovely color for your sweater. I’m sure it will be beautiful when it’s done.

  3. Lorus says:

    You do such lovely work! I crochet, but haven’t been able to pick up knitting. I look forward to seeing what you or your husband have done each week.

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