30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 1

I have a couple friends from the TOS Homeschool Crew that are joining Katie at Katie’s Journey for a 30 day blog challenge. 30 posts in 30 days based on topics given by Katie. I think it will give a little push to keep posting on here as I have been a little bit quiet lately. I’m also looking forward to reading some new blogs in the process so hop on over to Katie’s Journey and join the fun.

Day One-Introduce, Recent Picture and Fifteen Interesting Facts

I’m Katrina, better known as Mama Manuscripts and I have been blogging for three years. I have three beautiful children (Liam, 7, Morgaine, 5, and Ruadhán, 6 months). We homeschool and live a simple life on beautiful Cape Breton Island. I have the occasional privileged of witnessing wee babies come earthside as a doula.

  1. I am a serious birth junkie and midwife want to be.
  2. I love fall and all the vibrant colours. It is by far my favorite time of the year.
  3. I craved baked potatoes and relish (together) when I was pregnant with my second.
  4. I’m not all that interesting so finding 15 things to write about myself is not easy?
  5. I’m painfully shy and I don’t really use the phone because of it?
  6. I prefer to write when I have something to talk about?
  7. I’m having poutine for supper and I’m not ashamed of it?
  8. The strongest I’ve ever felt is after the birth of my first child?
  9. I would cook all day long if my kitchen would magically clean itself?
  10. I tend towards chaos despite functioning best with a lot of order?
  11. I start a lot of projects and only finish a few?
  12. I’ll admit to being the one playing Frontierville on Facebook (that’s the only one, though)?
  13. I think I was born about 100 years late?
  14. I’ve studied many things in my lifetime?
  15. I swim like a rock.

I think this was a very boring 15 “interesting” facts *lol* I think it stems from recently writing 100 facts about myself on my about me section!

(and hey, they didn’t say the recent picture had to be of me!)

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2 Responses to 30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 1

  1. Rodna says:

    I’m thinking of doing this challenge.
    Hey, I don’t know why, but every time I come to your website, i get 4 boxes up up that I have to block.
    I guess they said they are to bad sites or something like that.
    Anyhow, i thought maybe you would know why.
    Hey, you’ve been tagged.
    Read about it here.

    • mamamanuscripts says:

      I’ve never had anyone mention that issue to me…..eeks. I wouldn’t know how to change it.

      Fun to be tagged! I’ll answer your questions soon! I’m already a little behind on the 30 day challenge so I’ll be catching up on that as well!

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