30 day Blog Challenge – Day 3

Please join me at Katie’s Journey to share in the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Day 3 – Your First Love

Well, I’ve only had one love and he is the man that I am currently making a life with. We met when I was 18 years old and his boss told him to take the afternoon off to go look for a girlfriend *lol*. It was a start of a new semester in college and the previous semester I’d kept totally to myself and decided that this year I was actually going to attempt to meet some new people. They were having an outside movie screening at the college and went out in the field to watch looking totally alone and probably bewildered. Mike, my husband, then came up to me and requested that I hold his Frisbee while he went in to the washroom. After he came back he told me that I then had to play Frisbee with him and that’s how it all began. We watched the movie together and then went out to coffee together. We had quite a lot in common and after a whirlwind few dates, yes, just a few, I moved in with him as I wasn’t spending my time in my dorm room and didn’t want to continue paying for it. I think we knew we were dedicated to each other almost from that first meeting.

The rest is pretty much history……

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