30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 4

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Day 4 – The Parents

My parents had me when they were a little bit older and thought that their child rearing days were over. SURPRISE! I was born with they were 43 and 47 years old. Their next youngest child was already a teenager. My mother was a stay at home parent and I remember it being very nice to come home to a Mom waiting for me. She worked hard at keeping up a nice house for us and providing us with nice, but plain, meals. She loved to garden and despite having multiple sclerosis had one of the nicest gardens in the neighbourhood (in my opinion). She also loved to craft and I enjoyed watching her even though I was never patient enough to let her teach me, though she tried. I feel like I didn’t really get to know her well as she died when I was only 12 years old. I think she would have loved her little grand-babies to bits and it saddens me that my children will not get to know her.

My dad always got mistaken for my grandfather (just because he had really snow white hair) when I was growing up and I know that used to bother me some but he still tried to do all the things like the “young” men did (like teaching me how to skate in -30 degree weather and pulling me around the streets in a sled even when I was 6 or 7 years old! He was pretty quiet when I was growing up but always did little activities with me. I think it effected him quite a bit when he left work and then had my Mum die less than a year later. No one should have to go through that at such a young age (yes, 50ies are young and their new life was just beginning). The teenage years for me were not the best and I pushed a lot of people away, including my father. We now have a nice relationship over the phone and I keep in touch with him regularly that way. He likes to take his bike out for a ride and pick the occasional blueberry. He has found a new companion that he shares most days with and I am very happy for that.

My parents were quiet and I don’t feel like I know them all that well but I am grateful for the care that they’ve given to me over the years!

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