30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 9

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Day 9 – A Picture of your friends

Pretty sad, isn’t it?

I have a bit of a hard time getting to know people. Or maybe, letting people get to know me. My main means of keeping in touch with anyone is via Facebook so my computer is where my friends live. We don’t really make a lot of time to get together with people and we’ve really only gotten to know one family well enough to actual be able to plan to get together from time to time (and I got to know them on the computer first). There’s been people that have come into my life short time that I’ve felt like I could become friends with but that rarely is the case because I am quite hard to get to know.  I find that if I can get to “talk” to someone on the computer before hand, meeting them in person isn’t as hard but being in a new area where I didn’t know anyone is hard.

I do have a group of Mamas in Montreal that I keep in touch with on the computer (but rarely got together with when I lived in Montreal). I also have another group of Mamas who’ve become like family just because we have kid’s born in the same month of the same year. I’ve had the opportunity to meet several of these Mamas but we live all over Canada and the US. I have one friend left from high school that calls several times a year to chat and one other homeschooling Mama from Montreal area that will call from time to time. There are times I get lonely for sure but it isn’t so bad. Perhaps one day.


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