30 Day Challenge – Day 18

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Day 18 – Something You Regret

There have certainly been different choices that I could have made along the lines but to have made different choices would have greatly changed my life and how my life has turned out is something that I don’t want to change.

I had the opportunity to go directly to university in Newfoundland directly after high school but I choose not to (too complicated at the time) and I ended up going to CEGEP instead. The program I’d been accepted into at Memorial University was quite interesting to me and I would love to have completed a degree but moving to Newfoundland would have changed EVERYTHING. I met my husband my second semester of CEGEP and had three beautiful babies. I wouldn’t have changed that for the world. I also met a wonderful group of like minded women that helped me see what type of people I want to surround myself with and also helped me realize that it is okay to be a little “different”. If I’d gone to Newfoundland, I am fairly certain that I would have just conformed to the group there and not have become who I am today.

I do, however, regret not finishing my nursing degree at the CEGEP. I’d already met my husband so that wouldn’t have changed. After a year and a half I decided to dabble in art for a while and well, while fun, it didn’t get me anywhere in life. When I got pregnant with my first child I decided to go back to nursing (part of their intensive program and I could have graduated with my RN in about 9 months) but in the end I decided to take the time to enjoy the pregnancy instead and figured I’d never go back. I always thought I would at some point. 9 months to becoming a nurse, certainly possible, even with a child or two. However, we have since moved away from Quebec so completing a nursing degree would cost me an arm and a leg here (CEGEP, for the most part, is free) and I’d have to start back at the beginning. If I could have done this differently, then yes, I would have completed this degree

There are things like I could have been kinder to my father/family and less of a worry, I could have been more strict on what I would allow my children to play with/watch on TV, I could have been less critical, or I could have been more confident but I think everyone feels like that sometimes. You cannot dwell on the things that you cannot change now.

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