30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 19

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Day -19 Something You Miss

I don’t consider myself a city girl in any way, shape or form but I must say that I do miss Montreal and to occasional hustle and bustle of a day out on the Metro with with children visiting downtown Montreal (we lived just off island so going into town was a whole day adventure on public transit that we only did a couple times a year, though, of course, we did take the car in regularly as a family, sitting in traffic for hours….that I DON’T miss).

The subway system was always a treat for the kids and we’d stop in to see a friend and have a meal or snack at a cute little café (my favorite thing to do). Then we’d go up St. Denis and stop into my herb shop and then a soap making shop. Maybe a bit of a stop in a park or if we were feeling really brave and energetic, a hike up Mont Royal with a friend, babies on back.

As someone that is very involved with alternative health and well being I miss all the various offerings of the city (from products to seminars/workshops and more). I miss the culture and all the different people. I miss walking down rue Ste-Cathrine with a friend, people watching and laughing. You really do get to learn a lot about the world from watching people and really, there is not a lot to watch in Cape Breton. Montreal really has a different feel, even from other Canadian cities, and there are definitely times when I miss that energy.

I’m a country girl but there’s just that little bit of me that enjoys the city life, too!

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