30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 23

Please join me at Katie’s Journey to share in the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

I’ve fallen a little bit behind on the challenge as I been working on a novel of another post (that might get posted tonight, we shall see).

Day 23 – Favorite Vacation

I had a terribly hard time coming up with the answer for this question. As a child, we only ever went to visting family in either Newfoundland or Ottawa and none of those vacations really stick out in my mind as being particularly memorable. I remember the sandwiches my Mum used to pack and feeling safe and snug resting in the back seat watching the trees zoom by but not really one trip being more special than another.

When Mike and I were young lovers we did take a nice little weekend retreat to Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre which was nice. We visited the Basilica and spent most of our time hanging out in our hotel room playing board games (oh yes, romantic we are *lol*). It was just nice a mellow and was the first of our many spur of the moment weekend getaways. A tradition in the making, we now hop in the car, take sandwiches and hang out in the hotel room with our three kids on a semi regular basis!

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