What We’ve Been Up To – November

Well now, November is just flying by….

I think it is time for a “What We’ve Been Up To” post (as I can’t seem to make time to blog regularly at all)….

  • Trying out a different homeschooling method as an attempt to come to a place where we can successfully homeschool two children that are VERY different. It is going okay. I’ve avoided buying the curriculum I need to be able to effectively teach using this method because we are unsure whether of not Morgaine is going to continue homeschooling come January and well, the methods that we had been using with Liam works well with him so I would likely only change things permanently if Morgaine is for sure staying home with us. I LOVE Waldorf but it’s still hard to get Morgaine to do the really, really small amount of things that are required of her. We will see for sure come January. Right now I’m incredibly busy trying to piece together a curriculum from scratch with online materials.
  • Watching Mr. Ruadhán grow. I cannot believe he is 7 months old already. He’s entered a more demanding phase as he wants to do more and more but physically hasn’t mastered the skills of sitting up or crawling. I spend a lot of time holding him up in a sitting position on the floor or turning him back onto his back after he’s rolled over for the millionth time. I wish I could slow time down just a little.

  • Watching Mike’s business grow. He’s been really quite busy with his new company but it is going well so while we miss him, I can’t complain. I so proud of the work he is putting into things. He goes way above and beyond what other people in his field are doing and really cares about his customers.
  • Enjoying the snow and trying to get more active. The snow helps. REALLY, It does! I love snow. I enjoy the smell of it, playing in it, the newness of it. I’ll enjoy it for the short time it is here before we end up with a typical icy Cape Breton winter!
  • Crafting for Christmas. In a probably futile attempt to keep as much plastic crap out of the house as possible. So far I’ve made 2 felt starberries, 1 felt egg, 1 felt pea pod, and have barely started a vest for Liam. I have a long way to go and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage as the baby spends several hours away after the other kiddies go to be and craft with a nursing baby has proved difficult!

One felt strawberry that looks MUCH better in real life!

  • Helping set up 3 local chapters of Eats on Feets on facebook for the Maritimes. There’s now over 100 chapters in 26 countries to facilitate mother to mother sharing of breast milk. Please find your local chapter here and support this great cause.
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