Advent is Upon Us Again – Or Almost

I can barely believe it, but it’s true, Christmas is coming yet again. In attempt to keep the man with the big white beard out of our lives as much as possible and keep to meaning of Christmas sacred I try to do something special with the children for Advent. Last year Liam and I did some scripture reading together that involved some colouring and underlining (which was Liam’s big thing last year….diagramming). This year I wanted to try something different but I wasn’t quite sure what. Yesterday, at a newly formed Mother’s Prayer group (thanks, Beverly), I was introduced to the Jesse Tree, which takes you and your child through the Bible from Genesis to Jesus’ birth with scripture and symbolic ornaments that you hang on your very own “Jesse Tree”.¬† For more information, I encourage you to check out this website for verses and easy to print ornaments.

I, being totally nuts, visited this website and decided it would be a brilliant idea to make my own Jesse ornaments out of Fimo and/or clay. So last night, at 11pm, I was balancing a baby on my lap and sculpting little itty, bitty, tiny ornaments.

God created heaven and earth

Eve was tempted

Noah’s rainbow

David’s Staff

We’ll do looking for a branch to hang our ornaments on and start the scripture readings on Sunday. I only hope that I can somewhat keep up with the ornaments. I can see me making them in a mad rush the evening before but we shall see.

What are you doing for Advent this year?

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