Holiday Bliss 2010 – Day 1

The lovely Brenda, my TOS mentor and friend, blessed many people with her gratitude meme this past November when she encouraged them to post one thing each day that they were thankful for. She’s at it again this month with Holiday Bliss 2010 in which she blesses us with a place to share with each other the things that make this holiday season special.

I’ll admit that up until last year I pretty much hated Christmas. I have no time for shopping and the hustle and bustle of “the season”. My mother used to love Christmas (I think). She’d make crafts all year long and she’d attend a craft fair, craft exchange and a cookie party. She’d direct the Christmas tree decorating and our home was a warm inviting area but after she died Christmas kind of lost that specialness. My husband’s family was big on the whole commercial aspect of Christmas with the more presents the better and the whole man in the white beard. I hate, really HATE, that aspect of Christmas. Give me the music, the family, the togetherness of celebrating the birth of Christ and/or the return of light and please, PLEASE let us skip the million and one gifts and Santa Claus. However, I couldn’t take that from my husband and his family so we did do the whole commercial Christmas and my kids are indeed obsessed with Santa (and while I desperately want to tell them the truth my son is on a big we must be honest kick and gets really, really upset if he catches someone in a lie and well, this is a big lie that everyone goes along with and he will be angry). Since we’ve moved I’ve been able to try to tone  down the holiday significantly and bring it back to what it is supposed to be.  I actually find myself beginning to look forward to it and the whole Advent time leading up to it.

Today, my Holiday Bliss moment is the song “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”. To me this song sums up the season perfectly and almost always leaves me with tears in my eyes…

I’m sure I’ll be back with music again another time or two over the course of the month (I tend to believe that we could heal the world if people sung a little more and fought a little less).

I look forward to reading what makes this season special to you.

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4 Responses to Holiday Bliss 2010 – Day 1

  1. Catherine says:

    I love this one, too. There are so many that make me weepy. “Oh Holy Night” came on in the car, and I was grabbing for the Kleenex! I spend so much time on Advent, and “the greatest gift” that has been given.. I really have to work to balance out the commercialism bombardment our kids get from every angle.

  2. Jennifer says:

    That is a beautiful song, and a beautiful version. I turned my speakers on and my husband listened with me.

  3. I really like Christmas songs, I could listen to them all year.

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