Holiday Bliss 2010 – Day 2

This week has not gone well in the homeschooling department. I started the week thinking that we were going to get a whole lot covered. There’s a lovely lady that planned out a whole Waldorf December curriculum and I somehow thought that I would be able to accomplish it with my children (well, Liam, as Morgaine is too young to be educated academically in Waldorf). A whole planned out schedule, day by day, with Friday left free. No problems, I can do that. Well, it’s Thursday evening and we are still only half way through Monday’s work. Liam has worked on the cover page for his main lesson book for 3 days and besides talking about Chanukkah a few times that’s about all we’ve gotten accomplished. There was supposed to be so much more. Latkes, dreidel and a little bit of singing, too. Well, as it turns out, what we’ll likely end up with a cover page for a book that will be empty. I’ll admit to being discouraged.

However, it’s December, and I’m trying to ease up on myself by saying that this season only comes once a year so if we don’t get as much accomplished as I thought we would then that is okay. If we spend way more time crafting and making presents then that is okay. If we visit the neighbours or make cookies instead of sitting and working then that is okay. It’s only once a year and these things will probably be what the children remember most anyways (I’m hoping that they won’t remember Mamas exasperated look when Liam had to start over his cover page for the third time!).

So my holiday bliss moment today is more of a pledge to try to slow down and enjoy the moment and stress a little less (okay, quite a bit). We’ll get done what we can and try not to worry about the rest!

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3 Responses to Holiday Bliss 2010 – Day 2

  1. Melissa says:

    I agree give yourself a break! I am a firm believer in giving them their childhoods back. After all that’s why we homeschool right? Well among many other reasons :). Is it you or Liam that needs to do the cover page over again? Is he a perfectionist? X is like that except he just gives up. 😦
    If it’s him, maybe make a rule one week no do overs. Just as an experiment. Make it real. Like have him make a hypothesis and everything. Then he can see at the end of the week it’s ok.

    Is the waldorf stuff online somewhere? I’d be interested. We don’t do much, if any, written stuff around here but i’d still be interested maybe there is a way to make it oral or in another way Xander friendly 🙂

    We played the dreidal game at work. One 5 yr old and I played it for like 30 minutes which is a lot of time for this 5 yr old to do anything 🙂

  2. mamamanuscripts says:


    It was I would had Liam do to cover page over again (at least the first time). One thing about Waldorf is that it is expected that your child will put their best effort into the work and it was very clear that Liam did not so I did have him restart. He is a perfectionist, though, so there are many times that he wants to do things over and over.

    There isn’t all that much writing work in Waldorf. It really is a whole lifestyle approach. Routines and rituals, simplicity, etc. There is no formal academic work at all until your child has had 7 Easters/springs. Then they are introduced to the letters one and a time with a lot of art work and whole body activities. There are lots and lots of artsy type activities and a huge focus on nature. If you are interested there is a whole wealth of information on the yahoo! group Waldorfhomeeducators. This is where I got my December curriculum and much of the things I used for circle time/crafts, etc. It’s really a nice approach for Morgaine (if she was a tad more cooperative) and it is modified for Liam in that he is very much an independent learner so I’m not holding him back at all in his own research but am only doing one subject area (and in a Waldorf approach) at a time as his formal schooling.

  3. Catherine says:

    this is a hard time of year for my boys. I go light on the books, heavy on the Advent, and teach them by trickery. Like asking how much flour I’m going to need if I am going to double a recipe, or how much it will cost if we buy something for their cousin and ship it to California. I have some unit studies ready to go, too. Good luck, and enjoy the season!

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