Fit Mama Friday Challenge – Week 3

*cough* *couch* *gag* *sniff* *achoooo*

There you have my excuse for my less than stellar performance this week on the Get Fit Challenge. I’m sick. Two of my three kids are sick, including the baby who will now only sleep upright in the Ergo on my back or attached to my breast. I’m tired. Since I can’t taste anything AT ALL, you’d think I’d loose weight. However, when Mike made me chocolate cookies last night and I took one and couldn’t taste I took another and then another because they just weren’t satisfying. Opps! The right thing would have been to say “no thanks, I’d better not.”

Ah, well, here’s the summary of my week.

1. Six glasses of water a day (with 1 before each meal). Check! I’m pretty sure I have this goal down pat now.

2. 15-30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.
Nope. I walked three times this week at a pretty brisk pace but besides that I have not done anything. A drippy nose and nasty cough is not conducive to getting a good workout.

3. To loose about a pound (okay 2 pounds) a week. Noppers. I’ve lost about half a pound and am pretty certain that I will not make it close to my goal for the end of the month unless I really double my efforts for the next three weeks.

4. To stop the mindless snacking and to sit down at the table EVERY time I eat.
Okay, it is unrealistic to sit every time I eat but I am doing pretty good on this front, too. I’m trying to at least be mindful of everything that I put into my mouth and I’ve decided not to eat certain things that I’ve picked up.

5. Hunt down an exercise video to use. Well, the lovely Jillian Michaels arrived at the library and I managed to pick it up with every intention on giving it a go this morning but I didn’t manage it. I’m hoping to see about it this afternoon. I’m slightly apprehensive about exercising at home as the TV is in the front room and people have a tendency to look in (and wave) as they are walking by. Small towns! Maybe I’ll start a new trend *lol*.

Wishing my friends a lovely, fit week! Be sure to visit Got Chai? to get on the journey of getting fit, too!

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One Response to Fit Mama Friday Challenge – Week 3

  1. Briana says:

    It is hard to stay motivated when you don’t feel well. I hope next week is better for you!

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