Happy NINO, Sweet Boy!

In celebrations of Raudhán’s NINO (nine in, nine out) birthday, I’ve decided to compile a few of the statuses and replies I posted on facebook (because so many of us live through our social networks this day and age, you know) around the time of his birth. I think this will be a fun little thing to look back on over the years as part of his birth story. (I’ve taken out last names and have only posted some of the comments as it would have been much too long to post everything from that time). I chose the ones that I felt told the story the best.

March 31, 2010

Amid some strongish (but NOT regular) contractions, has decided that Mike’s decision to get up and go to the cottage today is not such a bad idea….no, I don’t “think” it will progress beyond the annoying catch my breath now and again pain but might as well get there and get settled.

Shannon R. ooooooo… maybe maybe!!! Praying for you as you head off to bring a new little life into this world! Wish I could be there to help (not with the birth, but with your BIGS! LOL!)

Kristin K. How far’s the drive? wishing you a smooth journey, and plenty of time to enjoy your big tub 🙂

Melissa M. Great plan! Yeah for mike! Take care, be careful and safe but mostly just enjoy! 🙂

April 1, 2010
Made it safe and sound and no baby *lol*
Shannon R. DISlike… I wanna hear about BABIES… (but I am glad you are safe and sound.. now pop that baby out will you??? Sheesh *wink*)

Katrina M. ‎*lol* Shannon….I really didn’t fancy a car baby….hopefully news soon….my body is most certainly preparing but that doesn’t necessarily mean much….no phone here and internet is temperamental but I WILL get you the news Shannon!!
April 6th, 2010
Had a good midwife appointment….baby is in a great position and engaged….measuring 34cm (at 38 weeks…after measuring 36 weeks last appointment) so things are sort of happening…*lol*
Hawfeather P. They are TOTALLY happening.. all part of your story momma!

April 11th, 2010
Newest update is that the internet/phone is even less reliable than ever….we’re all really sick and Mama is quickly running out of energy…..

Katrina M. …..but Mike is taking the kids out anyways (they are recovering) and I am going to take a nap!

April 13th, 2010

Wants to go home now…..

Kathy M. Oh no..What’s up Kat? Hoping all is ok… Still waiting on the arrival of that new addition.. HUGS ♥

Katrina M. Sick of prelabour stuff, sick of having a whole household sick (since Easter), sick of not having a phone, worried that we won’t be able to communicate when I go into “real” labour, worried that I won’t have any energy left when the time comes, mostly worried about Mike…..just feeling hormonal…..

Katrina M. Mike is sick, sick, sick…..I need hold off for at least 3 or 4 day wishes…

Barbara B. Hugs Katrina. I am so sorry this isn’t the calm relaxing setting you wanted before the birth. Hopefully everyone will get better quick and gice you some time to rest before the baby comes, On a bright side, at least everyone will be over it before the baby. Big hugs.

Lesley E. Hugs, Katrina…and hugs to poor Mike. I hope you see a turn for the better tomorrow.

April 15th, 2010

Mike is out of bed! A turn for the better! I’m out of bed and out and about…things are looking up….bring on the baby action…*lol*
Lisa A. Go for a run and I bet the baby will come! seriously I went speed walking the last time and I went 2 weeks early

Katrina M. I’m trekking laundry up and down the hill this evening…*lol* Honestly don’t anticipate anything for a few days but at least I am feeling better about things today….

Hawkfeather P. Laundry cause nesting or laundry cause we gotta do our laundry in life? Do ya think you will update when you feel labour has picked up?

Katrina M. Laundry as in we’ve been sick for 10 days and I’ve only done laundry once…I also desperately feel the need for a pile of clean undies *lol*…..I will likely update, Hawkfeather, if the computer is cooperative….depends on how things go and what kind of frame of mind I’m in.

April 17th, 2010

Home visit this morning….about 50% effaced, 2cm (stretchy to 4), cervix anterior, baby sitting right there…conclusion: I’ll have a baby some time in the next 3 weeks!! *lol*

Shannon R. I say… hmmm 24 hours. (but that could be my wishful thinking happening…)

Lisa A. Shannon, I say the same thing … in the next 24 to 48 hours!!!
April 17th, 2010, 11:07pm

Thinking maybe just maybe….(not an “official” baby is coming message)…going to try to sleep but not sure it’s going to happen.
Kristin K. Wishing you a smooth labour and birth!!!

Barbara B. Oh Katrina, I hope this is it and you get the labour and delivery you long for. Good thoughts, prayers and welcomings coming to you and that baby boy.

Stephanie E. Love to you sweet mama. I will be greeting a new life shortly over here, so sending you some of this sweet energy. xo

April 18th, 7:30am
Having a baby but none too quickly….long night but getting into a groove now….
Alice F. Got your phone message, I will be able to get the truck and as soon as Mike calls again to confirm and I bring in a load of wood and get ready I will be leaving.

Rev Nick P. Yay!

Ellie M. So exciting! I hope it all goes smoothly and you have your wee one in your arms soon!

Marsi D. You know, tomorrow is my birthday, now that would be cool! Take care Katrina!

Mary S. Happy birthing!

Shannon R. I love being right. ;o) PRAYING HARD FOR YOU KATRINA!!! I’ll ask the church to pray as well… I’m so excited for you!!! Oh… I so wish I could come and see you… let me go beg Tony to come see you in a few weeks.. okay???? I miss you my dear friend!!! Be safe in this delivery… hey little baby in there… be gentle on your Mama, she’s my friend!!!

Karyn B. Praying for a smooth delivery and healthy baby boy!

Hawkfeather P. I am thinking of you- like many others tonight…sending lots of love and infinite support momma. You are creating a beautiful story right now I have no doubt…

April 18th, 2010 8:05pm
Welcoming a Beautiful 8 pound 7 ounce blessing to the World
Shannon R. PRAISE GOD!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was SO right on on thsi one.. I’m tellin’ ya.. this little babe and I have a connection! LOL!
DETAILS please!??!?!? PICTURES TOO if it’s not too much trouble!!! (((hugs)))

Rev. Nick P. Yay! Enjoy your little blessing!

Katie M. Congratulations!!!

Ilana G. Yay!! Can’t wait to hear the details! Huge congratulations!

Marsi D. How exciting! I hope both of you are doing well! I can’t wait to hear more!

Natasha K. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I’m so glad he’s here, and safe! Big boy! Can’t wait to see pictures and read his birth story.

Katrina M. We’re less than 5 hour out from the birth, ladies and gentlemen…pictures coming soon…..short story….longish labour with a posterior baby (the kid moved since yesterday…..baby went anterior eventually and I went from 5cm to baby out in 8 minutes…..craziness!!

Amy F. Congratulations Kat!!! I am so happy for you! 🙂

Lynn S. Congratulations! what a precious gift 🙂 Have a good rest together.

Lisa A. Congrats!!! that is great news!!!!! enjoy!

Brannon C. YAY Katrina! I just got chills. I am so thrilled for you and your family. Can’t wait to hear the birth story. 🙂

Melissa M. Huge congrats!! WOW 8 minutes! Awesome!!!

Kristin K. Congrats Katrina!!! So you got your homebirth?!! welcome to the world baby 🙂

Corine M. Congratulations Katrina and Mike… can not wait to see him!!

Alice F. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your family for the day.

Heather B. Congrats Katrina!! We are out with our hockey team and Mike has told anyone who will listen!! He is one proud uncle!!

~My Sweet Little Boy, you’ve enriched my life so much in such a short time. Mama loves you to bits and pieces~

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