Friday Fave Five – Jan 28th

It time again to share our favorite moments from the week. Please join Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story to share your moments, too. If you feel so moved please send up some prayers for Suzanne’s family as her mother in law has suffered a stroke in the last couple weeks and things have been very topsy turvey in Suzanne’s life.

Here are my favorites this week….

1. Switching places with my husband for and afternoon. That is to say, I got out of the house while he stayed home and baked. (oh and baked he did!)

2. Getting my new blog up and running. It isn’t completely set up how I would like it to be but I’ve begun to enjoy working on it and I hope to get into blogging a lot more soon (it isn’t so easy with a nine month old, though!)

3. Knowing that Homeschool Horizons is coming back to Canada and having a wee itty bitty bit of things to do to help it’s return. I’ve enjoyed getting to write a bit more than I usually do and getting to talk to my friend, who has taken over the magazine, on the phone regularly has been wonderful as well. I miss you, my dear, and cannot wait to see up this spring. (for more information on the blog, please check out their facebook page here).

4. Snow. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it?

5. Warm blankets.
Seriously, all I want to do at night is cuddle down under some warm blankets and fall into a deep winter’s sleep. Unfortunately, for reasons we won’t mention, my blankets have been stolen and I’ve been woken every night this past week but those first few minutes in bed under my big wool blankets have been heavenly. I’m so blessed to be warm enough on these cold nights.

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